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Ad Swapping Information

What Is Ad Swapping?

Ad Swapping is almost self explanitory. Ad swaps are swapping advertisements with other marketers. Therefore another marketer endorses your product / service while you endorse their product / service. It is a really simple and basic idea. The ad swapping we are referring to is email ad swapping, therefore you are trying to increase your email list size by advertising your product / service to another persons email list. In normal cases the advertisement you have the other party send out for you will bring them to a "Sales Page" for your product or service that will require the person to signup for your email list, thus increasing your email list size and giving you the ability to market other products and services to those individuals in the future. You will want to try to advertise with list that re the same size or larger then your own to maximize the possiblity to grown your own email list quickly.

Why Do Ad Swaps?

Participating in Ad Swaps can generate you more money without have to pay for advertising. You will get free advertising for your product /service and in return you give the other party free advertisment of their product / service to your email list.

Pros and Cons

You are running a business, and as running a business you try to keep your expenses down, which includes your marketing budget. You are wanting people to join your emil list and buy your products or services by spending as little as possible. This all can be achived by doign Ad Swaps.

On the other hand, it can be tricky finding the correct partner to ad swap with that is not in direct competition with you. You want to be careful in who you pick and review what offer they are going to want you to send out to your email list. Offer offer you the ability to organize all your ad swapping needs in one central location. We give you the ability to search and find other ad swapping partners and help handle the entire ad swapping process. All communication and information is stored in an easy to use administrative section allow you to easily and profitiantly run your ad swapping campaigns. There are som many features involved you will need ot try the program yourself.... for FREE! Give it a try for 14 days absolutely FREE! We do not even ask for any type of payment information until you are ready to purchase. Although after 14 days we are sure you will see the benifits of using So Sign Up Now and try if FREE