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A Pathfinder IT Services, LLC Company Owned Service

After many months of doing and watching fellow marketers try to find successful Ad Swap partners and seeing all the headaches and unorganized mess, we decided to develop an easy to use eMail Ad Swapping service that will connect the Ad Swap partners with each other and allow you to rate your experience with one another.

Much of the problem in doing Ad Swaps was finding an Ad Swap partner and having to give trust in them to send out your email ad to their list of users that they stated they have had. If you have been into ad swapping you know exactly what I am talking about, the person that says they have an email list of over 50K people and they will get you thousands of click thrus. When all along they never had the intension of sending out your email and they do not even have an email list. You find all this out after you already sent an email to your loyal email list subscribers advertising this person's product and or service.

How about setting up multiple ad swaps through out the week and trying to keep all the "email ads" in order so you know which one you have to send out and on what days for who. We have all been there and it can be a nightmare without any type of automated system.

That was the entire reason for creating this service so you can easily search for ad swap partners that meet your criteria and to have everything organized in one easy central location.

We offer a free 14 day trial period so you can actually see what the program will do and we are sure you will want to stay with us. Don't worry we do not even ask for any credit card information during your trial period! We want you to feel comfortable and we wanted to allow anybody to create a free trial version so you can see what your service can offer.